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SLS INVESTMENT aims to take full advantage of the current situation characterised by high-quality forest units available for sale or lease as a result of consolidation in the industry and the global financial crisis affecting the wider public sector . 


SLS INVESTMENT will acquire timber on stump through purchase and / or long lease of multi- species commercial forestland with the view to benefit from consolidation and efficient management where it can generate investor return.


SLS INVESTMENT will continuously and internally manage the forest assets throughout the life of the investment. The aim of SLS INVESTMENT is to consolidate all of its holdings into an industrial and systematic operation, and to extract as much value as possible from the forest product supply chain.


SLS INVESTMENT aims to exit the investment market with a public offering , strategic sale or private re - financing. SLS INVESTMENT will ethically utilise forest resources while preserving and enhancing the quality of forests currently endangered by mismanagement inherent in smallholdings and state ownerships. For more information on how to get involved please  contact us.

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