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In addition to managing forest, we also trade in a wide range of timber products. We understand that our clients may need a delivery of a specific product, or timber in large quantities. We make sure that they receive their order fully and on time, thanks in part to our timber trading division.


We cultivate relationships with a wide and diversified network of timber suppliers, and we can thus supply a complete range of sawn woods and glued products thanks to our presence in Slovakia and abroad. We can purchase standing timber, entire forest stocks or agree with suppliers on a supply of timber with a future maturity date. In short, our own flexibility serves as an effective balance against the slow-growing, stable and stationary asset of wood - we can source the right kind of timber for the right price so that our client will receive a perfect order.


It means that we can always fulfil our clients' needs, and is an insurance against the unlikely scenario of shortage of timber in our own forests due to natural vicissitudes such as disease or extreme wind and rain conditions.

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