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Forestry Management Plans

SLS is the largest producer of Forest Management Plans in Slovakia.


Forest Management Plans (FMPs) are the cornerstone of Slovak forestry. FMPs provide a detailed management picture of any forestry operation, and can be used effectively to determine logging value of a forest at any point in time.


We produce more than half of all FMPs in Slovakia every year. This places us in a unique position of trust and experience vis-a-vis the Slovak state as well as the private owners of forested areas in the country. Apart from providing invaluable forestry data to our clients, this historic and current data is used by us in our forestry management services. As such, we are possibly the most well-informed company of its kind and therefore have an irreplaceable advantage over our competitors both at home and abroad.


FMPs are commissioned and paid-for by the government and are compulsory for each geographical forestry management unit every 10 years. We produce all aspects of FMPs entirely in-house, including orthophoto and growth maps, complex data grids and future management log sheets. This diligence makes it necessary for SLS to have, for instance, its own cartography department, and in-house specialists which are always on hand to give expert advice.


It is a legal requirement  for managers to follow the principles established in their FMP.


FMP includes all aspects of management over the period of 10 years, including:

  • Detailed geographical analysis of the forestry  unit including logging maps and full  ownership  database

  • Record of logging to date

  • Comprehensive research on the species and age composition of the unit  as well as growth density

  • Logging allowance for the period of FMP including the amounts and species, as well as reforestation requirements

  • Sustainability guide and environmental principles


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