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Forest Management 

We offer a full range of services within the forest environment that more specifically includes:

  • Preparing Forest Management Plans;
  • Advising on all aspects of forest management;
  • Preparing areas before planting;
  • Establishing and planting forest environment;
  • Managing forest (growth, cleaning etc);
  • Harvesting forest;
  • Reconstructing depleted forest;
  • Skidding, timber hauling, wood mass collection and calamity and crisis management. 

We employ in excess of 65 permanent forestry staff, the bulk of whom came to us from the State Forestry commission. These professionals have significant experience in all aspects of forestry and timber processing management.

Our network of offices covers the whole geographical area giving it local presence in every major forestry centre, and making SLS the only truly nation-wide private forestry business.

We have strong relationships with all Forestry partners from local government, fellers and the timber trade ensuring a competitive price throughout.  We can effectively sub-contract all felling activities to proven local suppliers across Slovakia, ensuring good local relations and best value.

Ethical Forestry

We only invest in existing commercial forest operations and will replace all we take out and ensures the following:

  • The preservation and improvement of forest ecosystems health while promoting its production functions including non-timber functions.
  • Protection and reasonable development of bio-diversity within the context of optimum conditions for growth.
  • Making maximum use of the forest’s natural processes in planting and stock renewal. In cases of artificial renewal use autochthonous species regarding its height potential and to use correct gene basis for seeding.
  • Assuring appropriate management to strengthen resistance and steadiness of forest to biotic and abiotic harmful agents.
  • Accepting the system of European protected territories NATURA 2000 and biotopes of protected and endangered animal and plant species.

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