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General Services & Technologies

SLS invests a great amount of time and resources to utilise effective, safe and green technologies. Transport to and from a forest is just as important as the forest itself, and machinery is also crucial in keeping a forest healthy, stable and growing.


We believe that the key to good forestry management is flexibility and the use of top of the range technology. As such, we hire the best machines and equipment for periods of time. In this way we always keep our machinery stock at optimum levels of volume and effectiveness, and, unlike some other companies, we are not disadvantaged with the dead value of owning ageing and wasting assets.


We hire a number of harvesters, excavators, forwarders, harwarders and feller bunchers, to name a few, according to our and our clients' needs. We also use cable skidders to retrieve timber from hard-to-reach areas, which in the past were accessible only with horse or manpower.

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